Textile nearly $ 2.1 billion surplus

Textile nearly $ 2.1 billion surplus

Since the beginning of the year, the textile enterprises deploy various measures such as promoting saving materials, energy, administrative costs ...

Only in June, textile exports estimated at USD 1.15 billion, up 11% compared to May 5. "The ability to achieve its objectives in 2011 was $ 13 billion is almost within reach with provided that no special fluctuations on the world market ", vice president VINATEX, Le Tien Truong said.

It should be noted that imports of raw materials increased due to rising raw material prices, but substantially reduced in number (the total amount of imported cotton, equivalent to a 10% decrease year on year), the results of the first 6 months years, textiles have become a rare phenomenon: nearly $ 2.1 billion surplus.

Mr. Truong said, from the first, VINATEX implemented measures such as promoting saving materials, energy, administrative costs (approximately 500 billion); promote domestic production of raw materials, temporary suspension of a number of investment projects in the field of manufacturing and dyeing of textile materials to invest 52 projects and apparel fibers have margin / capital on 20 % which is basically the product was "worried finished output" with customers, aimed at "soon there will be the added value in terms of investment restrictions".

Currently, 5% of product sales, including design (ODM), is expected to increase 15% in 2015 and 2020 increased by 20%.

Domestic consumption in the first months have brought VINATEX impressive numbers: 8,300 billion revenue, up 22-23% over the same period, is expected to reach 17,000 billion yearly.