Price movements of the last half of textile materials 12/2010

Price movements of the last half of textile materials 12/2010

Spot cotton prices continued to rise in the Chinese market in the second half 12/2010, sales increased slightly.

Cotton prices fell in the floor ZCE negligible while in ICE cotton prices continue to rise and reaches a record 1,5912USD / pound but then prices have fallen in five consecutive sessions.

With the increase in cotton prices, the difference between the price of cotton and polyester, viscose is expanding.

Market viscose

Cotton fiber prices stopped falling and began to increase, along with market sentiment was more optimistic. The vendors were more optimistic about the market after the Lunar New Year and the prices they offer also higher.

Viscose staple fiber prices are increasing with the offerings from 25,300 to 25.600NDT / ton. Currently the plant is purchased to reserve enough goods before the Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, the viscose fibers market was fairly quiet when required quantity is relatively stable. The downstream plant is not shown much interest in the reserve in the end of the year. Viscose fiber market forecast will not change much in the next January.

Yarn Market

In the last two weeks of December, activity in the market is pretty slow fibers, yarn prices generally reduced by the amount of orders and transactions increase. Price spandex and acrylic remain stable. (According VINATEX)