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Core Values

“Credibility – Mindfulness – Intellectuality – Competence – Empathy”


Credibility: Thanh Cong always defend and protect the prestige of his own honor. Satisfaction and trust of customers as a stepping stone to the success of our company.



Mindfulness: hanh Cong set the foundation-law Respect, customer-centered development philosophy for the benefit of customers.



Intellectuality: Thanh Cong is considered creative vitality, a lever for development; Uphold the spirit dare to think, dare to do; Undertakings build a business constantly improve.



Competetence: Thanh Cong set a goal:  Human essence - Elite products - The essence of life - Social elite


Empathy: Thanh Cong build relationships with humanistic spirit;

valued employees as assets most valuable;

Creating "The Republic" on the basis of by,

integrity and uphold the common unifying force