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Vietnam garment market in 2014

Estimated revenue of Vietnam garment industry continues to grow in 2014 despite the current economic situation of people with little harder The group had expected increase in revenues is the major corporations such as Vietnam PhD, VINATEX, unfortunately Thang Loi, Vietnam Thang Garment, Garment Winter Spring ........ But investors are mainly China, Korea, Taiwan still very strong and...

Exports of textiles and garments in Vietnam increased by 18% in 5 months

According to preliminary data General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, exporting textile and garment products of Vietnam has increased 18% over the last year to 7.505 billion in the first five months of 2014.   The United States is imported fabrics and garments of Vietnam's largest with a value of 3.685 billion in the first five months of 2014, Japan and South Korea...

The market offers for Vietnam garment fabric first 2 months

May 2/2014 apparel fabrics imported into Vietnam fell slightly by 2.4% in value compared to the first months of 2014, but compared with the same period last year has increased by 44.5%, with a value of 566.78 million; the whole two months of this year, imports increased by 13.1% fabric in turnover compared to the first two months of last year, worth $ 1.15 billion, accounting for 6% of total...

China's cotton demand rose sharply before Tet

In the spot market, selling cotton sales increased markedly. Reserves of textile mills are decreasing while demand for the opportunity to rise after the Lunar New Year. Many cotton mill has decided to increase the price to $ 27,100 to 27.400NDT / ton. In the futures market, cotton prices remain high and tends to increase. 5/2011 term price increases 135NDT / ton increase 27.770NDT / ton, while...